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  1. My Name is Chad Garber

    Hello Chad, it's good to have U on the forum!!! Great idea with the 'guitar lesson videos for beginners.' Those videos will help beginner musicians to excel Kudos!
  2. Castor oil for fretboard?

    Hey Rockerbob, lemon oil on a fret board...I have to try that. You learn something new everyday Kudos!
  3. Hi

    Hello Jeff, Welcome to the forum! I like the the picture of the cat with shades...way cool! It is good to know you are making progress with your instructor. Keep up the good work Kudos, Tonya
  4. Three Little Birds...

    Hello Guitarians, I'm learning how to play Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," on my acoustic guitar. I'll keep everyone posted! Kudos, Tonya