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  1. Hello! Years ago one Finnish guitar guru showed me idea where you could practice arpeggios by using circle of sixths instead of fifths. After this I saw same idea in Ted Greene's videos. I made little riff that maybe some day hopefully will be longer, maybe a song. I used mainly here circle of sixths that goes: A-F#m-D-Bm-G-Em-C-Am and then out of circle G-F-G7. The circle will normally continue after Am and eventually consist all keys. In this video I play 4 times the riff and improvise a little after that with this circle of sixth's idea. I hope you like it. Kindest, Mikko
  2. Hello! Have you got influences to your compositional work from movies, pictures, poems, books etc.? I was just watching a documentary about parallel universes from Netflix and straight after it made little solo with the mood of the documentary in mind. I have used to compose with imaginary pictures but this was new to me. Kindest, Mikko Here is the video:
  3. Hi! I'm not specialized in slapping and tapping with guitar but somehow I feel that this song is very natural to play with this kind of playing style. It can be played as a solo number for the audience or as a accompaniment in duo situations. I hope you get something out of it! Kindest, Mikko
  4. New ideas for Blue Bossa?

    Hi! I was playing one day this almost over played jazz standard Blue Bossa. I wanted to try maybe something different approach on it and made kind-of-smooth jazz backing track. So here is something that i came up with: I hope you like it. It would be nice to hear if you have any kind of new ideas for this song. Thanks!
  5. Hi! Here is little idea I wanted to try. I guess locrian #2 scale is usually played over m7b5 chord. In this video I played D loc #2 on D dorian backing track (Dm7) and hopefully did find new sounds to me. It would be nice to hear what kind of ideas you have with this scale. D locrian #2: D, E, F, G, Ab, Bb, C (6. mode of F melodic minor) kindest, Mikko
  6. Hi! Here is a lesson video about playing fast licks in a style of jazz blues. This video series isn’t meant to be the fastest guitar playing in Youtube at all but my personal journey in practicing faster lines in different styles and I want to share it with you. Although playing faster lines isn’t the main thing in one’s playing, I think it’s good to develop ability to play quick melodies to add little pepper in the soup of improvisations. Nylon stringed guitar isn’t the most optimal choice for me to play like this but it was still good practice. I hope you find some use of these examples. Kindest, Mikko
  7. Smooth Jazz Solo

    Hello! Here is little sunday smooth jazz solo. Hope you like it. Kindest, Mikko
  8. Hi! I have had some problems with Caravan's A part where there is this long dominant 7 chord vamp. Sometime when improvising ideas kind of run off with the fast tempo. So I decided to make some licks that come from other angle and hopefully this will help me get solos more interesting in this part. If you think that these examples would help you be free to contact me and ask for tabs. Kindest, Mikko
  9. Gypsy jazz 8th note lesson

    Hi! Here is little idea that might help for example in gypsy jazz improvisation. Idea here was to compose constant 8th note line for songs and then practice them as good as possible. After this could note durations and different dynamics be changed for more musical result. Maybe this can be good method for cultivating personal lines too. Kindest, Mikko
  10. Hi guys! I would need some advices for recording situation. Actually, how to control thoughts. Quite often when I play some songs that can be relatively difficult I can manage them enough but when I'm recording sometimes mind flies too much and it becomes disturbing. I might start to think "ok, next there will come the difficult part and I might mess it up". Then I usually mess that part. But when I'm not recording it usually goes with natural flow quite ok. In this time too. I couldn't get the composition played well enough so I gave up and made completely different piece by improvisation Kindest, Mikko
  11. Advice for mind control in recording situations needed.

    Thank you for your advices! I think you are right. My main problem is that I don't practice enough and I have just too little time for making these recordings. I think after practicing same song very precisely it might add confidence and mind would control my doings in positive way, like "yeah, I can play this, there's no problem...etc." cheers!