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  1. Hi everyone! Here is my first release from my first album. Normally I play ethno jazz and similar music but this time I have let myself compose anything that just comes out. Surprisingly it came out as some kind of a dance music that I haven't done EVER! Album will be on Spotify as the first song. I hope you like it! All the best for you! - Mikko
  2. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Ok! I think you can't see these Instagram videos if you are not in it.
  3. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Thanks a lot! If you are in Instagram I have some other videos there too. Kindest, Mikko
  4. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Hi! Thank you a lot! Youtube has its good or bad sides. One thing that I think I have noticed is that Youtube and others have changed the quality of music. Some times when I listen older recordings before internet I'm amused by the quality of sounds and compositions. Instagram and Youtube produces more talent-kind-of performances than pure music. Guitarists are trying to be fastest or cleverest etc. There is no room for developing in songs. Everything has to happen fast. If you are interested I have made some free lessons with backing tracks and notation/tabs to my site: http://mikkokarhula.wixsite.com/mikkokarhula Kindest, Mikko
  5. Getting influences from documentary film?

    Hi! Thank you for that advice! I saw some time ago document about Jarre and that really changed my attitude to electronic music also. Music is music but devices change. Cheers!
  6. Improvisation can touch every part of playing

    Thank you! I think so too. It's interesting how differently one can play with same amount of skills and knowledge but in different state of mind and etc. This tells me that robots will not replace us as a musicians.
  7. Wicked fusion guitar in Instagram collaboration

    Thank you! The backing track and drums were made by Hi! Thank you for answer! Backing track and drums were made by Rosalvo Melo and i made my part with Garageband.
  8. Hi! Although I sometimes find it hard to categorize my playing to jazz, I have to admit that getting understanding on jazz theory has helped me a lot with composing. Here is one example a miniature composition that uses several different scales. Despite that I recognized those scales while composing I tried to follow musical means as a priority. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  9. Hi! If you wonder what would you play in christmas party, here could be one option. i made arrangement of Jean Sibelius' Christmas carol "En etsi valtaa, loistoa". It's about 100 years old but still beloved christmas song in Finland. The lyrics are about praying world peace and happy christmas both for rich and poor. There is first verses played in normal speed and then slowed with notation and tabs. I hope you like it! Kindest, Mikko
  10. Wicked fusion guitar in Instagram collaboration

    Thanks! What means VST?
  11. Hi! I pumped into drummer in Instagram and had a chance to make some wicked guitar parts on his backing track. This was interesting challenge for me to imagine the sound world to someone else's song. I strongly recommend for everyone this kind of collaborations every now and then. In addition that it's fun but this is one of the ways to jump out of the safety box. Kindest, Mikko
  12. Hello! Have you got influences to your compositional work from movies, pictures, poems, books etc.? I was just watching a documentary about parallel universes from Netflix and straight after it made little solo with the mood of the documentary in mind. I have used to compose with imaginary pictures but this was new to me. Kindest, Mikko Here is the video:
  13. Hi! I'm not specialized in slapping and tapping with guitar but somehow I feel that this song is very natural to play with this kind of playing style. It can be played as a solo number for the audience or as a accompaniment in duo situations. I hope you get something out of it! Kindest, Mikko
  14. Hi guys! I would need some advices for recording situation. Actually, how to control thoughts. Quite often when I play some songs that can be relatively difficult I can manage them enough but when I'm recording sometimes mind flies too much and it becomes disturbing. I might start to think "ok, next there will come the difficult part and I might mess it up". Then I usually mess that part. But when I'm not recording it usually goes with natural flow quite ok. In this time too. I couldn't get the composition played well enough so I gave up and made completely different piece by improvisation Kindest, Mikko