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  1. Two questions on tabs

    Numero uno : I'm trying to learn the intro to "Stairway..." but I've run into a problem picking the opening notes. Printed from ultimate-guitar tabs, it reads (numbers fret; letters string): 7-D, 5-G, 5-B, 5-E and then this -- 7-E, 6 -D, with no notes to pick on the B and G strings; no O's to show that these are to be played as open strings along with those fretted. How do I go about doing this? I hope I'm making sense here; I'm obviously new to guitar. Question two: Trying also to learn the intro to "Freebird" but ran head-on into this domescratcher: Sliding down the fret from say 3/8 or 3/5/7, e.g., I have no problem. However, at the beginning of the intro I'll run into 5/ or \5 all alone, let's say, with no indication of what to slide up or down to. Wut up wit dat?
  2. Scale on scales

    On a scale of 1 - 10 how important is it to you personally to learn/master the minor pentatonic scale? Seems as though whenever I run into the subject online emphasis enough cannot be placed on learning this "alphabet." So the real question is: Am I just spinning my wheels, wasting precious time, memorizing the five patterns and practicing speed build-up? Should I move on, or continue to pluck away at this boring stuff?