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  1. Kirk Thanks for the heads-up on this lesson https://www.guitarforbeginners.com/Lessons/House_of_the_Rising_Sun_Revisited.html It sounds really great and once I got the idea, it's not too hard either - except for that pesky F chord with a third fret bar. Apart from a really great sound, the ideas aren't too hard and it is easy and sounds good to use the chords and general ideas to stray from what you have written to get lots of variations. Tony
  2. New Lesson - Little Lily Ann

    Kirk I just found this one courtesy of your email reminders. It's great! It has some of the feel of a couple of old ragtime tunes I learned (Oh Papa and Mississippi John Hurt's Shake That Thing) and then takes the ideas much further. I love it. I should be able to get this under my fingers as I already learned the ragtime tunes. It's well worth the $3.95 you ask for the notation - I can't read tab although I find it does help with reading the notation. Thanks. Tony
  3. Oxford, UK, professional guitarist dropping in

    Mark, my Yamaha NTX700 sounds a lot better now that I have hearing aids! Seriously, but haha. I am completely sold on John Pearse PJ116 flat wound strings on it now. They are a lot cheaper than but identical to the Thomastik KR116. You need to shop around for the PJ116s as the asking price varies enormously. They have a great sound on my NTX700, it's not strictly "classical", brighter. They are extremely light, which I like, and my son was ecstatic when he discovered that they vibrato and bend almost like an electric guitar. I have played slide a little with them too and they work like that. Tony
  4. Eddie Luckylarry's advice is very good. Once you can count 1,2,3,4 you will have your foot on the ladder. Tap your foot too as you count and just start by doing this when you are listening to a recording of a song without you playing anything. Tony
  5. You don't need a capo at all, just play it open. Try strumming 4 times on each chord. Each line has 4 bars, eg on line two the G chord is played for 2 bars even though it is only written once. Also try strumming up as well as down - giving you 8 times in each bar. Tony blowininthewindss.pdf
  6. Eddie Can you play the open chord shapes? Can you strum Blowin' In The Wind? No metronome, no backing track or whatever, just you. Tony