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  1. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Awesome share! I kind of gave up on Youtube and music tutorials because I just don't want to waste my time listening to newbies giving advice but this was a good one. Thx bud!
  2. What are your favorite bands and songs?

    Too many but I'll drill down on the songs that have incredible guitar riffs. The Sleep - Pantera (The guitar riff here is INSANE!) Lost in serenity - Testament Them Bones - Alice in Chains The song they play in the background every time they show the Goth kids in South Park. 'Live to Win' also from South Park.
  3. Getting influences from documentary film?

    A movie I would recommend is I dream of wires. It's mostly about how synths came into reality but as a music fan, it's absolutely fascinating. I think that movie really made me appreciate electronic music.