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  1. Hi there, Been playing now for two years, practicing daily usually around an hour at a time. I`ve noticed of late that I am experiencing what I can only describe as "tendonitis" in my fretting hand Its sometimes irritating, though not downright painful, and recently its affecting my ability to even fret some simple chords like "D" for instance. My hand seems to be tensing up and I am having problems with finger mobility. The problem seems to be between my 2nd and 3rd fingers I was wondering if this was common, and how I could rectify it. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    After a three hour jam on Friday past, my thumb was in agony Bizarrely, it seems better now, still uncomfortable, but better Weird
  3. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Thanks Jan, I do appreciate the input Trying to play in an open tuning method would present a challenge for me, almost like learning all over again I`m just frustrated, tomorrow I have a planned Jam with likeminded players at our local rehearsal space I absolutely live for these nights because they indulge me and help me to play my own songs But when I`m incapacitated like this it just gets me down, I`m sorry if I seemed dismissive.
  4. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Wow ! Maybe I should stop feeling sorry for myself
  5. What's are the best guitar brands?

    Best brand is whatever makes you happy, and whatever you can afford If Fender and Gibson is out of reach, theres plenty good imitations out there If high end acoustic is out of reach theres a multitude of very good budget ones
  6. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Hello troops, long time inactive on here My woes continue Just when Ive almost forgotten about the tendonitis, now I have real issues with pain in my thumb Seemed to start occurring recently and has now been aggravated by my use of a 12 string acoustic of late Its a real bummer, and my doctor seems to think that its early stage arthritis The painkillers are just crap and I`m confined to rest again So frustrating, just as I`ve managed to find some like minded intermediate learners to jam with, this occurs Just have to hope I can get over it.