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  1. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Dad and Z2 in Nashville and Three generations of Z’s playing guitars together.
  2. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Ushi, my little sister, know that you are loved. This has been a struggle for us all. I love seeing the photo of Dad with that 12 string (I've never seen it. I don't have too many photos.) and the photo of you with the classical guitar. I think it is the Yamaha. You cannot imagine how helpful this community was for Dad...for me...and for us. It was such a joy to see him create simply for the joy of creating. No demand. No paycheck. Just art. Beauty. Music. Friendship. Helpfulness. Generosity. I'm glad you signed on. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love you, sis.
  3. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    These relationships brought joy to Dad, and to me. Thanks for the kind words, encouragement, and for many years of musical and artistic inspiration.