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  1. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Hope it all goes well, El Salto. I did the nerve compression thing while using power tools and it wasn't funny for a while but fortunately for me it turned out not to be permanent damage. Best of luck to you.
  2. No idea if you'll ever read this but I bought a TC Ditto Looper (cost was $160), a dynamic microphone (Shure SM57 - >$200) and ran the lot through a Vox AC4TV ($320). Cables, etc was another $100 but they did help me as instructional tools. I'm mostly an at home player.
  3. My small collection

    Been working away at it. Best advice I received was from a friend who suggested I do two things; use a metronome; and, listen to what I am doing. So the first was easy and I have noticed my timing has improved. The second, I bought a looper (Ditto) and a mic. It certainly has assisted me. Lot of fun and it's coming together. Those and playing with a couple of acquaintances has made the journey enjoyable so far.
  4. I only have three guitars (two electrics and one Acoustic-Electric) but it's all I really need. Only amp is a Yamaha THR10C From left to right: Epiphone ES339 P90 Pro Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro 2014 Martin GPCPA4