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  1. Before I Buy a Guitar

    trevxmusic, Check out this link: https://www.guitarforbeginners.com/Lessons/Guitar_Improv_Lessons.html If you are then interested in melodic improvising, here is a link that will get you there: http://www.planetalkguitar.com/ Mike
  2. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Tuunaamii, All of the black wires terminate on a a ground. It should work. Let us know the end result? Mike
  3. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Tunnaamii, You have quite a maze of wires here. It's hard to see exactly what you have done here. Here is a video that can help you out in wiring the tone control. Mike
  4. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Keith, Good job on the mix and the playing. Mike
  5. Doug, Very nice!! Thanks for the history lesson. Learned something new today. Mike
  6. JRAYJ

    JRAYJ, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  7. Midnight Clear

    Rocketbob, Another good one!! Mike
  8. A tribute to the late George Michael

    Mark, I really like you style of playing. Mike
  9. Hi from east midlands UK

    chrisxr2, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  10. Silent Night

    Rockerbob, Good one!! Mike
  11. Getting in the Christmas spirit

    Mark, Very nice! This will get you into the Christmas spirit. Mike
  12. Hello from Spain

    onacarom, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  13. HELP-how to I get out of 2006

    texred, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  14. Newbie needs HELP with PlaneTalk

    Jacksonzone, You need to write this post in the PlaneTalker forum. You will get some help there. Mike
  15. Scale on scales

    Slidewinder, A lot of Blues is based on the minor and major pentatonic scales. It probably is not a total waste of time. If you think it is boring, it sounds like you are just running up and down scales. Try putting what you're learning into something productive. As Rockerbob said learn tunes. Mike
  16. Beginner Here

    Danisn22, One thing that can affect the tuning is changes in humidity. The weather can play havoc with a guitar. Welcome to the forum! Mike
  17. windsong, You can't go wrong with a little guitar boogie. Guitar Boogie Shuffle was one of my favorite guitar instrumentals. Good job and nice tone coming out of your new Les Paul. Mike
  18. What's are the best guitar brands?

    John Anthony, Oops! I read brands as bands. I think the guitar depends on the type of music you like to play. I was partial to Fender guitars when I was growing up. Later on I purchased a Gretsch for a different type of music. Now I have a custom jazz archtop. Mike
  19. What's are the best guitar brands?

    John Anthony, The Ventures and the Shadows. Mike
  20. Finger Tip Mashing

    Club fingers, Yes, you are probably pressing down on the strings too hard. I doesn't take a whole lot of pressure to sound a note. Make sure your finger is directly behind the fret and gently press down until you don't have any string buzz. With time, you will see a big difference. Mike
  21. welcome me...

    fullerwhale, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  22. Hello, I have something to share!!!!

    Khai Le, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  23. My Dad's House

    Rockerbob, It looks like you're having a lot of fun combining aerial photography with your music. Mike
  24. Brand New Here

    Jeremy, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  25. Hello.

    KD, Welcome to the forum! Mike