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  1. reading music

    ronnie, I learned how to read music in school. Play mostly by ear. Mike
  2. Old timer

    Taka, Welcome to the fourm! Mike
  3. Hello from Canada

    Mark, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  4. Earth fire acoustic

    Karen Jones, I agree with Doug and Rockerbob. The one thing that discourages new players is the strings are too high off of the fretboard which ultimately causes really sore finger tips when learning. You shouldn't have to press down very hard on the string to make a clear tone. If your guitar is difficult to play have a tech look at it. Mike
  5. Hi

    Karen, Don't let people get to you. You're never too old to start playing the guitar. We're her to help. Welcome to the forum! Mike
  6. im back

    ronnie, Welcome back to the forum! Mike
  7. Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    El Salto, I didn't find a 12-string difficult to play. Although, I already knew how to play before purchasing it. My 12-string does have a wider neck so I can see where it would take getting used to when first playing one. The more you play it your fingers will adjust. Have fun with it. Mike
  8. Left Pinky Blues and Handedness

    Framck, I wouldn't worry about it too much. The pinky finger is the weakest finger on the hand. With practice, the pinky will develop more strength and playing the chords will build muscle memory in your fingers. If there is nothing physically wrong with your pinky, it will come around with more practice and playing. Give yourself some time before playing left handed. We've all been there. Welcome to the forum! Mike
  9. carol m, This coming from a musical family who knew the importance of practicing. Mike
  10. Autumn Leaves tutorial in Bm

    Doug, I liked this one! Mike
  11. Hello Everyone

    Pete, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  12. New to forum

    rizkin, You've come to the right place. There are many fingerstyle guitar lessons here. Welcome to the forum! Mike
  13. Over 40, Oops, sorry for the typo. Mike
  14. Over 49, You're never too old to start playing the guitar. Welcome to the forum! Mike
  15. Rigsby, Welcome to the forum! Mike