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  1. ronnie

    Hello Everyone

    welcome to the group , I'm an old man too LOL Ronnie
  2. ronnie

    im back

    i check in most every morning but don't post a lot, i guess i should tho because it does seem quiet sometimes , Ronnie
  3. love it ! slow and peaceful Ronnie
  4. ronnie


    great song, i have been working on that one. i have been playing for a long time , but just recently took up the classical nylon string and finger style . i have learned the song "romanza but my finger style needs lots of practice after years of playing with pick Ronnie
  5. ronnie

    reading music

    i was just curious , do you play by ear or can you read music ? Ronnie
  6. ronnie

    New to forum

    there awesome really good free lesson videos on you tube for finger style playing , i have learned a lot from them Ronnie
  7. ronnie

    im back

    thank you JanVigne, Mike and 6string
  8. ronnie

    im back

    man i really hate to here that, i always enjoyed his posting on here . thanks for the welcome
  9. ronnie

    im back

    hello everyone , I'm not really new to the forum but have been absent for quiet sometime . i guess there are lots of new members, hopefully some older members might remember me , Carol, clancey, eddie ? i have spent the last couple years with my art work and was accepted into a gallery and haven't been playing much, but have lately been getting into playing my classical nylon string guitar, and really like it . anyway hope to catch up on whats been happening Ronnie