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    So sad to hear. Eddie helped me with a few songs, and always gave great advice a truly giving person. I loved his songs. Think I'll play a few tonight in his honour. RIP Eddie!
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    Thank you, Ursula, for posting here and letting us see those photos of Eddie.
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    This was very sad news to hear. Kirk spent many, many hours Skyping Eddie, and Georgia and I often heard his voice, loud and clear, resounding around our home... His laugh, his singing, his music were all a big part of our little house. He always had a chat with Georgia when she was here and was very sweet to her. He sent a precious little musical Santa bear snow globe for her first Christmas and that comes out every year as the one her Uncle Eddie sent her. He was a generous man, he encouraged so many musicians. He spent countless hours here helping fellow guitar players and songwriters. He was a talented musician himself and I loved listening to his music. Saying he was a contributor to this forum seems now to be a huge understatement. Kirk, Georgia and I as a family will miss him, and he will be greatly missed here at GFB&B. RIP Eddie and my condolences to you Todd and also to the rest of your family.
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    Eddie was a good friend to me. I don't have any friends to spare. I'm devastated.