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    This was very sad news to hear. Kirk spent many, many hours Skyping Eddie, and Georgia and I often heard his voice, loud and clear, resounding around our home... His laugh, his singing, his music were all a big part of our little house. He always had a chat with Georgia when she was here and was very sweet to her. He sent a precious little musical Santa bear snow globe for her first Christmas and that comes out every year as the one her Uncle Eddie sent her. He was a generous man, he encouraged so many musicians. He spent countless hours here helping fellow guitar players and songwriters. He was a talented musician himself and I loved listening to his music. Saying he was a contributor to this forum seems now to be a huge understatement. Kirk, Georgia and I as a family will miss him, and he will be greatly missed here at GFB&B. RIP Eddie and my condolences to you Todd and also to the rest of your family.
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    This is Greg Zielinski, Ed's son. Mark, Todd, Ursula, and I have received many kind words from many people from all avenues from my father's life. Thank you for supporting him in his later years when he could FINALLY take time for himself to do something he loved. He was a very hard working man and many of us had wished he could take it easy in his later years to enjoy life a little more. His relationships formed in his music was important and very meaningful to him. Thank you for your kind words. Rockerbob and Kirk's names were mentioned regularly Thank you for being a part of his life and making it that much more a happy life. http://symondsmadisonfuneralhome.com/edward-j-zielinski/ His childhood , Clinton IA - http://obituaries.clintonherald.com/story/edward-zielinski-1947-2017-981535451 Hometown Elgin, IL - http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dailyherald/obituary.aspx?n=edward-j-zielinski&pid=186775669&fhid=30033 If you could please share links to any other forums that he may have participated in. I would love to express my thanks to anyone involved in his music.
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    A long time member and supporter of this site, and dear friend of mine, Eddie Zielinksi, has passed away. He had recently undergone heart surgery and died from complications. I Skyped him not long ago -- we often Skyped -- and he seemed to think he'd pulled through the ordeal, but he hadn't. He was very smart, very funny, very musical and very generous man and will be sorely missed. I have just returned from a 14 hour non-stop flight from Canada and need sleep, but I will write more about Edward tomorrow, when I come to.
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    This is Ed's daughter Ursula. I was so happy to hear my father found something he could enjoy. He has always loved playing guitar but there was a period work got in the way. He finally found that moment in life he could pick up his guitar and just play for hours, write lyrics and record. When I was growing up he would pick up the guitar at times and play for me. I grew up hearing Peter, Paul and Mary and dad would sing Puff the Magic Dragon and A Soalin. He even taught me how to play A Soalin and the use of a capo. I also would love to ask him to play Dueling Banjos sometimes for me. When he told me about this community it brought me joy that he found something that made him so happy, a place where he can make friends that had the same love for music as he did. So many times I would hear him talking with people over Skype and it was just amazing to see him so happy. I screamed the morning I heard the news, that my daddy was no longer here. I went to his computer and started going through his music. I cry listening to it but know I can still hear his voice. I wish so badly he could have recorded Puff the Magic Dragon so I could listen to it. It does not surprise me that he doesn't have it recorded. I remember the day after my engagement announcement I had asked my father to write a song that can be played for our father daughter dance. It pains me so much that he will not be here for my wedding and that there will be no song, or at least not his voice singing it. Thank you for the condolences and thank you for my dad to be a part of this community. Thank you for truly re-igniting his passion for music and giving him the motivation for the most beautiful tunes.
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    I didn't Know Eddie personally, but I know he was truly one of a kind - the help and support he offered others is a rare trait. I remember speaking on chat one time and Eddie's Amusement at my Accent and pronunciation of his name - I can still hear him mimicking "Eddie" with a scots accent. I'm glad I got to meet Eddie on here and have some interaction - he'll be fondly remembered. rest in peace brother Edward Paul.
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    These relationships brought joy to Dad, and to me. Thanks for the kind words, encouragement, and for many years of musical and artistic inspiration.
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    Eddie was a good friend to me. I don't have any friends to spare. I'm devastated.
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    Sorry to hear about Eddie. When I first joined this forum, Eddie was always there answering questions and helping everyone out. He will be missed. Mike
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    Shocked and saddened, rest In peace Eddie you're definitely missed.
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    I'm finding this hard to believe! What a shock. Eddie was a very special member here: he recorded backing tracks for 2 of my songs, he played, sang and recorded several of my songwriting efforts, and made one into a video, as in The Official Video as you see on Youtube for recording artists, and he was always helpful in replying to any questions I had about music. Once when I was trying to work out and play a couple of chords for a song, we had a 3 way hookup across 3 continents via the webchat facility we used to have here at GFB. There was me, Jomi and Eddie in front of our monitors with our guitars. Eddie was sitting in his 'office' in his factory, with his screens and recording gear set up there, and with 'his girls' coming and going behind him as they were working. He was always very generous with his time and his knowledge. I also don't think he was old enough to be 'of an age' when you expect that he might day. As I say...I'm having trouble getting my head around this news. Yes, he will be sorely missed here at GFB. I hope his family are receiving support as they deal with this difficult time. Let's hope he does indeed rest in peace.