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    Some would say everything I play is improvised, even when not intended to be. The latest CD my collaborator and I compiled was intended to sound mostly like a 3 piece garage band jamming on a lick. We have played together for about 25 years, so we can add structure to a jam with a single word, glance, movement, or other cue, but it usually comes down to a tiny bit new and a lot of same old. I keep telling my collaborator I only know one lick, and just move it up and down. After 25 years he still thinks I play different and "new" stuff all the time. :-)
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    Greetings and felicitations! Here's some food for thought. I'm neither a rocker or a Bob. :-)
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    Welcome to the forum, Guitar Goober.
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    One week in is pretty fast to be playing chords. I have to assume you are not holding the guitar properly and therefore not allowing your fretting hand to be positioned properly on the neck of the guitar. Just what else your posture and the position of the guitar might entail I can't say from your post. If your thumb is positioned too high on the back of the neck, you have a difficult time arching your hand enough to get your fingers to come down on the fretboard at anything less than an ideal angle. While some styles of play, and some well known players, use a very high thumb which actually wraps over the top of the neck at times, this is poor technique for a student to learn and a bad habit to develop when you goal is to first play clean individual notes. What book are you using that introduces chords first?
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    My new model Gibson Les Paul Studio , Modern weight relief model. OK, let me give you a little break down on my new Les Paul Studio. It has a body, "a very sexy one actually" made with and it’s design of Mahogany, but they say it is "Modern" weight relief. BS. Sucker ain't light at all. Got to sit down and play this baby. The top is of maple wood "American" grown, hmm...? Also, this hasn’t changed since day 1. I just thought I’d throw this in for laughs since we all know where the Gibson cases are made in, right. Well, if you don't know, ask around. Hint, not in America. Now, let me say something about the fine and easy to play fingerboard with Trapezoid Inlays, dang, what the heck is that. OK, I just threw that in to keep your attention on this post. If you need to, get yourself another cup of coffee, or if like me, another beer. Yes, the fingerboard, well it turns out to be "Granadillo". Yikes, a new word in my vocabulary. The "Granadillo" wood has a slight reddish look to it. And beautiful to look at. OK, so what. How does it feel while them finger tips are dancing all over it? Man, Gibson scored a "BIG" ten on this one. One of the finest fretboards I feel that Gibson has added to its collection of the Les Paul. It took a little of getting used to, but really its a very easy to play over fretboard. OK, now get let's down to business, Gibson business that is. The hardware: Chrome Tune-o-Matic, hmm... sounds a bit of history there. OK, cool with me. The vintage style Tuners, well, what happens if your grandfather isn't with you and you ask, what the heck are them.... Hey, man, now it's time to get down and boogie on the electronics, you know the pickups. OK, it’s packed with the 490/498T, Push/Pull Coil Taps. Sorry guys on this one, just don't have lowdown on this tech stuff, but it’s like single coil and the hums that one can switch on and off too. Pretty cool, but a bit confusing to figure out in the beginning, heck even the sales person didn’t know which one is which. Hey Gibson, what happen on the treble, lacks the punch, sorry, but that is how my ears hear it. Maybe if I had a Marshall amp, it might be different, but actually on my Vox Pathfinder 10, I do like the more bassy tone that these pickups deliver. A real mellow and rich tone to my ears. OK, let's move on to the plastics: My first thought was, "Chinese made", like what company in America wants to stay in business making these, let’s say 100, for maybe 20 cents. OK, maybe I'm pushing it, but.. they’re a bit flimsy. The speed Knobs, wow, nice name, right! So 21st century lingo here. I give them a well balance passing on them, not bad at all. I like the feel of them and they are “black”. OK, now the case, yep, made in Canada, hey man, where is our man "Trump" now. Overall, a workhorse of a fine guitar. Gibson gets a 10 on this one. Hey, Gibson, if you are reading this, I'm in Japan where I bought it. Please send me a set of Gibson strings, I can’t afford them now.
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    Most strap locks replace the strap button on the guitar side, so the same screw goes back in, or a new screw of a similar size. Then you have to fart around getting the strap side installed. Pain in the ass. I have yet to drop a guitar because the strap came off.
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    Yes, I guess there is a limit to sending too many messages. It' another day now though so you should be able to send another 5.
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    love it ! slow and peaceful Ronnie