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    • I've got food grade mineral oil with vitamin E for butcher blocks, which I'm about to use to mince some guitar into the chile so I will get the mojo and be able to play. My first thought was: put some essential oil in the mineral oil, until I realized I have no idea what I'm doing. Second: I am going to cut an orange in half, and give the whole guitar a bath, from nut to assend. Whatever that's called. IF I didn't need a new chain, I'd go out a cut some wood. Just coz I never did it before doesn't mean I wouldn't. Hey, it's MY chainsaw.
    • OK, Elvis has NOT left the room. I read this, and I got a headache. http://www.guitaranswerguy.com/12-lemon-oil-debate/ Apparently, you want purity, but not purity. My brain hurts.
    • OK, I gotcha. But I still have to figure out a solution for this house. I could turn the studio into a guitar humidor, but dang, I'm in the desert for a reason!  I hate humidity!! I can't even breathe above 30%. I wonder if they made leetle ones that fit inside a HSC. . . we could get rich. . .I saw somebody had stacks and stacks of rectangular (plastic?) boxes of guitars that fit all nicely on top of each other. I could SMELL that was out of my budget. I know we've been through this before, but you know new questions or attitudes or opinions or whatever are encountered. I know you understand. Are you ready for another issue? I asked someone else coz I didn't want to keep bugging you. With untrained fingers, I want to explore finger picking, regular, bending, and slide. I have a 2006 Squier, SE, Epi LP Special I P90s, and if the creek don't rise, Agile AL2000. Yes, now I will stop buying (does everybody say that?) and start playing. But for the shape my shape is in, I'm am very fortunate to have a single coil, P90s, and humbuckers. I feel complete, for now. Anyway, the gentleman to which I am referring to says he has 11s (yes, string question) set to med high action so he can play slide whatever and whenever he is playing. Sounds reasonable, but we're talking and extremely seasoned vet as opposed to me. And I haven't even stopped to understand string gauges yet. I can only afford strings and lemon oil (Agile) this month, so I'll worry about setup next month. Maybe you'll have more faith in me then, or less !! I am pretty impatient when things don't go right, but I'm a bulldog. Thanks, RocketMan
    • Many guitars have necks that shrink in a dry climate.  Its an extremely easy problem to fix.  You just need a straight metal file.  File the edges only until you don't feel them.  You can file at a slight angel towards the fingerboard.  I live in Denver.  Our humidity indoors runs 10 to 15%.  I have a large humidifier in my guitar room in the basement.  I keep the relative humidity between 40% and 50%.  The basement doesn't change temperature as fast as other areas, and slow temp changes usually don't cause lots of trouble.  But I was the repair guy at a guitar shop for about 4 years and filed the frets ends on many guitars.  I still have the tools, but I haven't had to change anything on any of my current guitars for decade.   Guitar polish is completely unnecessary at best and harmful at worst.  Soft cloth damp with water.  If, after playing for a while, the place where your arm rests gets dull and won't shine.  When that happens I use Novus plastic polish #4.
    • Thank you, as always. What concerns me is these guitars have been in the desert for a year, 5% humidity, and many days when the temperature varies 60 degrees in one day, altho I keep them in my bedroom, which is of course, the most elementally safe place. But still. And now I've got fret sprouts. After a year.   And what about crap like Fender guitar cleaner and preserver or whatever the hell it says? BS? Thought so. I'll stick with water, thank you. possibly a toothbrush?
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