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Bluesy Finger-Style Lesson Collection

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This Collection includes 20 of Kirk Lorange's Bluesy Finger-Style Lessons, plus The Red Strat Blues bonus lesson
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Lessons included: 12 Bar Blues (Lesson 1), 12 Bar Blues (Lesson 2), 12 Bar Blues (Lesson 3), Been Had Blues (slide lesson), Bluellaby, Daydream Blues, Double Stop Blues, FunkE Acoustic, House of the Rising Sun (1), House of the Rising Sun (2), House of the Rising Sun (3), Los Blues, New Year's Blues, Rainy Day Blues, Slinky A Minor, Sweet Home Chicago, Tiptoe Through the Blues, Windy Wednesday (chord progression from Stormy Monday), Sitting on Top of the World and now also comes with the special bonus lesson, The Red Strat Blues.