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    • DAMPDX

      Just called GC and they said my Guitar is ready for pickup. Why am I all shakey? lol....
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    • windsong

      Dang, caught a bad cold. 2nd one in over 20 years.
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    • 6string

      Wondering if refusing to go to the Gym counts as resistance training?
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    • windsong

      Raining today, time to pick up the guitar and jam.  How I like these rainy days.
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    • Rockerbob

      Laid back.  Dentist gave me some good pain pills. 
      · 1 reply
      1. Clancy

        I remember taking Kirk to the dentist years ago for an extraction. He came out completely bombed. On the drive home I couldn't make any sense of what he was saying, but I do remember very clearly him writing "best drug" in the dust on the car dashboard. 
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    • Hi Clancy, Being relatively new here and on PT, I cannot comment fully yet. But as a novice to both sites, I struggle a little with finding my way around. I sometimes find good content, but then next time can't remember exactly where it was and it takes some time looking for it. Many times, it is embedded in old conversations. So for me, some more comprehensive and accessible index might be cool, especially to find older posts, thus not having to restart a discussion. One other thing I noticed is that in long discussions, with the oldest post staying at the top, one does not immediately see the latest response, or whether there was a response. I suppose there are other tools that do show this, I may just not be aware of them. I am not sure there is a better way though. What if there was a choice to sort with oldest at the top vs newest at the top. One thing I noticed that many people ask at PT, is whether there is a sequence to the lessons. Again, as a newbie, it is not clear exactly how to proceed, although there is the first "stop" which is clear. I am still trying to figure if Kirk want this deliberately, to allow monitoring of progress and then advising on a personal level. That sounds like a lot of work for Kirk though. Kirk recently sent me a reply containing two older videos, which I found to be exactly what I needed. He said they were not lessons, thus not visible on the site. I imagine there could be much similar content, which members may enjoy or find instructive. So, adding to my first paragraph, what about a searchable database of media content? Apologies if I am asking a bit much here, just thinking out loud....   André
    • I have a Ovation GS ultra I'm  currently trying to fix. It has a nock off Kahler, DiMarzios  and grover tuners. I think my springs wore out in the bridge, but that may be wrong. Any advice  would  help on how to fix this thing. Thanks.
    • I used to have a MIDI backup band for solo performing.  If I were to perform again I would mix my MIDI parts to an MP3 files and play that back through just about anything. A MIDI controller guitar would be more interesting to me.  I have had a guitar synth in the past, but it was fairly primitive and not always accurate.
    • I also have the other Yuneec drone, Typhoon 4K.  I liked the way it worked so I bought the new model.  I sold my live performing gear to finance it.  I have no need of a PA system if I'm not performing live anymore, and it cleared up some storage space.  I would not have been able to buy it without selling other toys first.  So I sold toys I don't play with anymore for a toy that's cool and I will play with a lot.
    • That's some serious $$ - Obviously a step up from the Parrot drones. You must have a lot of fun with it.
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