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      Playing almost 4 years and still erm, average
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        I've been playing for cough cough years and I feel like I'm digressing.
        If only I made it to average.
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        Hi Steve,
        I see a lot of German references, I can't see if you are - but, having said that, Wilkommen! I am originally from Namibia (guys must Google if they don't know where), now in South Africa. Namibia used to be Suedwest Afrika - as in Deutsch Suedwest Afrika, so we all have a smattering of German.
        All of no consequence - I hope you will enjoy the site. Oh yes - glad you have given it up, well done
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    • Boiled linseed oil was common 30 years ago.  More recently Lemon oil seems to be favored.  I've used both in the past 40 years.  Linseed oil seems to gum up if there is an excess, so now its just the Lemon Oil.  And just slightly more often than never.   Probably your fingerboard doesn't need oil.  Most don't need it at all.  You can also go the route of contacting the manufacturer and get their recommendation.  So these days I use Lemon oil every 5 to 10 years.  Rub a little on and rub it off.  Make sure all excess is wiped off or it will make your strings die before their time.   I just put the second lemon oil treatment on my Collings OM3.  The guitar was made during December 2000.  I had the strings off, so I figured what the hell.  I don't treat these guitars casually.  Collings guitars a fairly expensive.  I have no problem using lemon oil every few years.   I started using Lemon oil in about 1979 when I was the guitar repair guy at a local store.   I have never heard of castor oil being used.  I don't know its properties so I can't say if its a good fingerboard oil or not.  I think I would prefer nothing, which is totally acceptable, rather than taking a chance with an unknown.     I'm considering a Lemon oil treatment for my Tom Anderson electric guitar.  I've had it for more than a decade and I've never put oil put on the fingerboard.  It might be time for a light coat.
    • This was very much "In The Moment."  I got digital drums programed, then Carl and I jammed over the drums.  We did 5 or 6 takes and chose the take we like best.  The whole CD is pretty much the same.  We jam over some drums and keep the takes we like.  Our goal was to sound like a three piece jam band.
    • Here is a sample of the Piano and Drums Backing track I made  no Guitars yet   very simple chord progression - the main part is G sharp  and B flat minor then 2 simple changes - 1st -  C sharp, G sharp and B flat minor                                             2nd - F sharp and G sharp   it should be easy enough to hear the progression and timing for the changes on this bare backing track   if anyone fancies joining in or wants to jam with the backing track - I can upload a longer version - however, I don't record/play in concert pitch so you'd need to adjust accordingly - i'm tuned down from concert pitch  -32cents or 432hz as opposed to 440hz ......it's just "Better"     Paul.  Collab 1 backin track.mp3
    •  I do like that Guitar I've played through a few Peavey Bandit 112's In a Live Band set-up and can't say anything bad about them - Great Amps       Paul..
    • How'do folks   Starting with Some Lyrics from Carol put forward for a Collab - i thought i'd start this as a thread and post as a progression   How can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you   I don’t know how - Never dreamed [that] this would last Always thought that love died Always did/had/has done in the past   At first you think it’s love You believe that when it starts But love changes, then it/love dies One or [the] other, [and] then you part   I thought that Love never lasts I’d learnt that over time It’s always been the same Time after time   So how can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you   this is a Good starting point for a song to me - there is enough of a "Feeling" in here to get "the Feel" - I'll make some word changes/tweaks/additions etc.. Mainly to fit the musical progression I have in mind - for this I do have a couple of tweaks that may slightly change the tone but still true to the original idea  i'm sure Carol you know how I roll   How can it be That after all these years the hard times we struggle through the sweat and the tears we look into each others eyes and it's easy to see I still LoVe you and you still LoVe me   I don’t know how - Never dreamed that this would last Never thought LoVe could survive I was told the moment would pass   this fits Good for me musically chords/melody/progression wise - and i'd like to imagine the story is an old couple who've been together forever and still In LoVe despite being told LoVe  can never last       if I can figure out some technical difficulties I'll post the bare backing track idea i have for this along with the chords     Paul.
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