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    • Hi, Andrevn. I don't mind if you post a recording here. If someday someone writes and tells us to remove for copyright reasons, we'll remove it. I forgot that people still record, these days it's always videos being posted. In any case posting snippets of well known tunes shouldn't bother anybody, certainly not me. And it would fall under 'education purposes' anyway. Go for it. (By the way, you can post at YouTube and mark them 'Unlisted' when you upload. That way they don't show up in any searches and remain under the radar. Only people with a link to them can view them. For future reference ...) That Purple rain intro, I believe, is Bb(add9) to Gm to F(add9) Eb . 
    • Hi all, if you don't mind, Im going to do one long reply. Reason, I came to our family holiday house on the farm, in the mountains. Isolated, totally private, no internet (doing a quick hotspot connect to read and send this). So Carol, yeah, last night was actually one of those nights you talked about. Ending with me sitting under stars, fire close by and practicing on Kirks Moonlight Serenade lesson! Stronger than moonshine indeed. Yes and Hard Days Night is one of many on that topic. I was only teasing about "never been done before". Do you know/remember Smoke in a Factory Groove by Albert Hammond. The best lyric "I was born a lover, not a worker. Money doesn't smell like sweet perfume"! Oldstrummer, what is purple rain anyway? To me it conjures up the scene in Apocalypse Now, with the boat going up the river, a purple haze all around and The Doors' This is the End playing. By the way, I love the opening chord and the progression on Prince's PR, some kind of Bb (I know, I should work out the name, too lazy, I know the shape!). Rockerbob, I agree with your take. That's why I refer to my approach as more haphazard. I dont go to the trouble of finding the best shapes to be able to do the full baseline, thus end up playing the melody and picking any of the related notes on the chord as accompaniment. I therefore lose out a little bit on the whole. But it does allow for easier and sweeter picking, for me. I struggle picking nice sounding notes when having to play a full barre say on the seventh fret. The notes don't ring as true as like for example playing an E, fourth fret D shape, with the pinky playing the high B on the sixth string 7th fret. As I menioned, thats why I am so chuffed with Kirks lessons, I get to fix some of my errors, find different ways to play. Kirk thanks for the expalnation (and funny story!). I understand and accept the position. My need though is not to post to YouTube. I don't want all and sundry to have a look and comment, I am more private than that. I would have loved though to be able to, like above, instead of writing of an approach to a specific section, do a quick recording of that and share with forum members. Like a more private conversation, or a chat room with visuals. Anyway, Im not complaining and happy as is. Thanks all for the chats. Going to return to my mountain escape now. Enjoy the weekend.
    • A funny story: Many years ago, early 80s, I was doing some housework at home with the radio on. A song came on by a local Australian woman, Deborah Conway. The lyrics included lines about 'penis envy' and 'pubic hairs on my pillow'. Now, I'm no prude, but I do love music and the art of songwriting, and this tune got me all riled up. I decided I'd do something I never had done, or have done since: I called the radio station, Triple M-FM. I asked to speak to the announcer and was put on hold. After a few minutes the announcer got on the line and asked me what I was calling about. "That song you just played" I told him. "What about that song?" "It's an awful tune, it's a disgrace to all songwriters trying to get ahead in this business. Why on earth is it on your playlist?" "Oh wow, I'm not sure I understand. What's wrong with the song"? "What's wrong with it? The lyrics. They don't belong in any song, I have kids and I really don't want them to hear this kind of crap". I was righteous and I was indignant. "Well" he went on "I really don't see what you're talking about. Ventura Highway was a huge hit." "Ventura Highway?" I had called the wrong station! I was listening to 2 Day FM, not Triple M. I apologised and hung up. I didn't call 2 Day.
    • My position on this changed when it became clear that YouTube must have struck some sort of wide ranging deal with publishers so that they could allow videos of others' works to be posted on their site. As long as it's YouTube's servers that are streaming the content, I'm fine with people posting videos of covers. All my lessons are embedded from YouTube now. Every once in a while I load something up there (a cover) and I get a notice from YouTube alerting me that the content is copyright. But they then go on to tell me not to worry about it, that they will place ads on that content and the copyright holder will share in the revenue. I guess that's how they get around it, through advertising. So, if you want to post something that's not your original work, load it up at YouTube first, then link it from there. Easy!
    • A Hard Day's Night?
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