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  2. Hi There! my name is Anthony, I am new guitar learner. my experience level 2 months. I am learning guitar from some website & read few posts on this forum. now I can buy a guitar Can anyone Suggest me what Guitar best for me right now? Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new Guitar learner. My Experience level 2 month. When I was first learning how to play guitar, I was terrible. Then I search on google, I got this site: http://mikesoca.com/ I think this site informative for me. I learn about key G chord from here. Can anyone tell me if this site is perfect for to learning basic Guitar? And anyone can give the more informative site to learn? please.
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  5. Brand New Here

    Thank you very much!
  6. Melodies & Chords

    Just read my first response to the op and to this, "The mechanics of how to play melodies along with chords varies with how you strum the strings of your guitar. If you use a pick, you might play melody notes by not hitting certain strings, muting strings with your finger(s) or by dropping an unused fretting hand finger onto a string used in the chord shape", I would add, you may also play melody notes with chords by playing chord inversions. That would typically mean playing up the neck though, so not a technique for newbies in most cases.
  7. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hey Paul: I was keeping the faith...but did wonder if your old clunker had reclaimed you for a while [I also have an old-ish clunker, so no offense meant]. You always used to be able to transfer recordings from your Boss 8 to computer - what changed? What format is your Boss 8 recording's file? There are apps that convert file types to mp3: Handbrake is one I've used, and Switch is another I've used. Would it help if you sent me the Boss 8 recording and I tried to convert it to mp3 - I'm not a geek so if all this is rubbish, please ignore.
  8. Rookie

    I love playing and singing All Along The Watchtower, it feels like I'm able to play it well
  9. Brand New Here

    Jeremy, Welcome to the forum! Mike
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  11. Brand New Here

    Great to meet you all! I'm Jeremy, a guitarist here in the Austin, TX area. I have been playing guitar for about 14 years now, and I love sharing all the knowledge I have with people who are looking to become very advanced on guitar!
  12. Melodies & Chords

    I'm kind of late to this, but I found "Ode to Joy" is a great little piece to start learning how to play chords and melodies at the same time. The chords are just C, F, and G, but playing the melody on top of those chords makes it much trickier. This is something that I teach students who already have basic fundamentals down.
  13. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I've not forgotten this one - i'm still a bit stuck as far as transferring a mix to mp3 - the USB port on my old Boss is for file backup only....... I do have a rough idea recorded - Guitars, bass, vocals I just remembered I have a really old PC tower.....I should be able to hook that back up and hopefully I can do a line-in recording Paul.
  14. Hello! Have you got influences to your compositional work from movies, pictures, poems, books etc.? I was just watching a documentary about parallel universes from Netflix and straight after it made little solo with the mood of the documentary in mind. I have used to compose with imaginary pictures but this was new to me. Kindest, Mikko Here is the video:
  15. Hello.

    KD, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  16. Blues Scale

    Hi All, Is there a major and a minor blues scale? We have a major and minor pentatonic scale? Thanks
  17. Hi!

    Namoshkar Larry Babu. Greetings.
  18. Hello.

    Greetings! 😀
  19. Hello.

    Welcome KD, rock on!
  20. Rookie

    Hi Rookie. You can't be any rookier than me 😉 And I've owned acoustic guitars for 2 decades... I'm interested in making new friends and contributing to their musical endeavours and using their insights and love to enrich my life and music. Cheers.
  21. Jackie

    Greetings, Jackie, and everyone.
  22. Hello.

    Hi World! I've owned acoustic guitars for about 20 years, but played for only 4 years! I'm in my 30s and regret wasting so much of my life griping about action and what not instead of seeking out friends and teachers on YouTube and in the real world and pursuing my tastes in music and attempting to play them myself. I love pop, rock, metal, classical, fusion, folk and very little of techno, blues and jazz. I dream of playing acoustic metal on my newly acquired Yamaha F310NT someday. And I also dream of playing Closer and Cheap Thrills like James Bartholomew and Peter Gergely. I also love the Jake Lonergan theme in Cowboys and Aliens. There's no end to the number of pieces of music I love! 😀 I currently reside in New Delhi. I'm male, and a bit of a loner. I hope some of you will reach out to me and that we end up contributing to each other's musical journey. Sincerely, KD
  23. Hi Six, To tell the truth, I didn't really consider a banjitar. My daughter has a 5 string banjo and i had fun noodling on that this summer so I started looking at the online want ads for banjos in the Ottawa area. I finally found a reasonable one in Kingston so I negotiated with the guy to try get him to meet me half way - no go. But my daughter who had lived in Picton for a number years and was going down to visit her friends said she'd pick it up. It turns out she was friends with the guy who was selling the banjo - small world. I played a banjitar many years ago but I was looking forward to learning a new instrument. It's lots of fun.
  24. Have you considered a banjitar or do you think a regular banjo has superior tone?
  25. I learned the chords on a guitar many years ago and they're fairly second nature to me so I don't really think about where they are on the neck or what their constituent notes are. My fingers just go there without thinking. But I recently started learning how to play a five string banjo. And I'm going through that process of finding where the chords are in many positions on the neck. I find that when there are only four strings (the 5th string is just a drone G and isn't really fretted much), the chord relationships become more apparent. For example, a minor chord is that chord's relative major with the fifth moved up a note or two frets. So if you know how to fret a G, for instance, then you can figure out the Em, if you know where the five is (and it's good to know the 1, 3 and 5 of the chords). That's probably the most useful relationship I figured out but there are others. For example, raise the fifth of a minor chord up half a step and you get a major chord an interval of six away (Em to C for example.) I also find that chords are a bit more tenuous or not as full sounding on a four stringed instrument - the six strings of a guitar allow the chord notes to be doubled up making them sound richer. I guess the six strings also allow you to find chord patterns that aren't too inverted making them sound more solid. But on a four stringed instrument you kind of take what you can get in terms of chord notes - they may be completely inverted. Anyway, it's a fun process relearning all this and it seems a lot easier after having learned the guitar. Someday I'll get to my Dad's old mandolin...
  26. Jackie

    Jackie, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  27. questions based on a music sheet

    not making sense to me. do you have a link to it?
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