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  2. Before I Buy a Guitar

    Hello! I'm Trevor, I'm 19 and I've been involved in a lot of projects and jam sessions growing up with my friends. I've only focused on vocals for 4-5 years and I've kind of just gotten tired of it. I want to actually learn an instrument and a note system that I can directly understand and make use of for many types of genres not being restricted by a vocal range. The situation right now is that I don't own a guitar with more than 3 strings and it will take a few weeks in order to get one and I had questions based on what I can start trying to learn now while I'm waiting to get my hands on a working guitar. As the years go by and I get more skilled, I'd like to focus mainly on Math Rock, similar to artists like CHON and Via Luna. I specify this because I love the emotion that can be given simply from instrumental music and it has a big factor in my self development. So here are my questions; 1. Based on where I want to take my guitar playing, what type of guitar should I look to purchase, an acoustic, or electric? 2. What topics should I look up and study before I obtain a working guitar, I have a 3 string acoustic that I can use as a reference for notes, etc.? Stuff that I can write down and study every day like music theory, but wanted to know if there is more than that. 3. I am avoiding physical lessons, so when I have a guitar, who would you guys recommend for beginners wanting to pursue in more technical finger tapping riffs, or if I should start and learn the basics before branching off into that? Thank You! (:
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  4. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    After a three hour jam on Friday past, my thumb was in agony Bizarrely, it seems better now, still uncomfortable, but better Weird
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  6. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Hope it all goes well, El Salto. I did the nerve compression thing while using power tools and it wasn't funny for a while but fortunately for me it turned out not to be permanent damage. Best of luck to you.
  7. No idea if you'll ever read this but I bought a TC Ditto Looper (cost was $160), a dynamic microphone (Shure SM57 - >$200) and ran the lot through a Vox AC4TV ($320). Cables, etc was another $100 but they did help me as instructional tools. I'm mostly an at home player.
  8. My small collection

    Been working away at it. Best advice I received was from a friend who suggested I do two things; use a metronome; and, listen to what I am doing. So the first was easy and I have noticed my timing has improved. The second, I bought a looper (Ditto) and a mic. It certainly has assisted me. Lot of fun and it's coming together. Those and playing with a couple of acquaintances has made the journey enjoyable so far.
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  10. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Up and running, but neck pickup not working, I'm happy wiring is ok now though. I'm going to take pick up off, suspect wire off back of pickup. ive found a tame guitar builder locally, didn't want to get it fixed by someone else but happy to consult! many thanks for your help Mike. Ken
  11. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    "Trying to play in an open tuning method would present a challenge for me, almost like learning all over again" I don't understand. First, what's a challenge? If you want something bad enough and there's a way to achieve it, then the challenge is worth the effort. There's no such thing as being too old to learn new tricks. Music is music and theory is theory. Learning open tunings is really rather simple. The same intervals apply as in standard tuning. The most significant difference is where the notes start from. When I first tried standard tuning on a lap steel, I taped a piece of paper to the side of the fretboard to indicate where notes sat for the octave strings. It took no time at all to recognize the locations and get rid of the helper. In open D, the tuning is D-A-D-F#-A-D. Play all open strings and you are playing a full D Major chord triad. Play barred across the any fret and you are playing the corresponding chord to the sixth string root. So fifth fret barred is your IV chord and seventh fret barred is your V chord. Twelfth fret barred is your octave. To begin you can play just those barred chords and have a lot of fun, particularly in a jam setting. The first, forth and sixth strings are octaves. The same intervals exist as in standard tuning, you've only dropped the sixth and first string down a whole step. If you've played in drop D, you've already got this down. The fourth string is the same as in standard tuning. So you already know where the notes are on the fourth string, now you simply move them to the first and fourth strings and play. The fifth string is tuned identically to standard guitar tuning so you already know the note positions and intervals on the second string. Basically, you're not learning anything new, you are only applying your current knowledge to play the notes on the strings. Once you know where to find a note on the fifth string, you automatically know the notes on the second string. You catch on easily - unless you tell yourself you can't do it. Which basically means you'd rather sit and feel sorry for yourself. This is how I go about teaching little kids to play. It cuts down their learning curve tremendously over trying to teach them six individual strings with a funky G to B string step in there. The few chords you might want to play that are not barred are very straight forward since you are dealing with octave relationships. The problem most people have with this is, they are hung up on the guitar only being tuned the way they were taught to tune it. Give it a try at least. No commitment other than the time spent tuning. http://www.gibson.com/news-lifestyle/features/en-us/open-tuning-0902-2011.aspx
  12. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Tuunaamii, All of the black wires terminate on a a ground. It should work. Let us know the end result? Mike
  13. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Thanks Jan, I do appreciate the input Trying to play in an open tuning method would present a challenge for me, almost like learning all over again I`m just frustrated, tomorrow I have a planned Jam with likeminded players at our local rehearsal space I absolutely live for these nights because they indulge me and help me to play my own songs But when I`m incapacitated like this it just gets me down, I`m sorry if I seemed dismissive.
  14. Setting the Action on a Strat.

    Luthier technicians will use a capo on the first fret to take the nut height out of the equation. This will make the string slightly lower while measuring. If you decide to use a capo, then you should remember to use a capo every time you decide to check your measurements.
  15. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Sorry to have to remind you, feeling sorry for yourself has never solved a problem. There's not a problem in the world other people haven't faced before you arrived. Look at how others have tackled and brought down to Earth their problems. Looking is the first step toward doing. https://www.google.com/search?q=les+paul+arthritis&rlz=1CAACAY_enUS754US756&oq=les+paul+arthritis&aqs=chrome..69i57.8031j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Learning open tunings gives you new insights into playing guitar and making music. Your mind will benefit from the (minor) challenge you will find in open tunings. You may learn to play in a different style entirely that will add a new dimension to your sound. The first time you jam in an open tuning, people will be asking how you got that sound. It's not a substitute for a specific diagnosis and treatment but it will keep you playing and playing well.
  16. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Thanks Mike, yeah quite a spaghetti mess, the control panel was already prewired, apart from the stray wire, I wired the two pickups to their partner volume pots, and the earth from bridge to pick up pot. After seeing the video, I'm now of the opinion that the stray wire is an earth and belongs on the back of the bridge pick up volume pot. I'll give that a go. Here's a pic I found online which I followed as a guide. cheers
  17. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Wow ! Maybe I should stop feeling sorry for myself
  18. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Good morning, guy, sorry to hear you're still having problems. My hand problems are related to both injuries I've sustained and a propensity to develop trigger finger type symptoms. Neither have much in common with arthritis based pain though my knees are feeling the effects of wearing out. I no longer climb a ladder more than a few steps which makes home repairs, and even simple yard work and gardening, more difficult. So I know what you're going through and I do sympathize. I will assume your doc has (more or less) diagnosed the onset of osteoarthritis and not a more systemic variation such as rheumatoid arthritis. I would suggest you obtain a more complete diagnosis before you do much more and certainly before you give up. Since there are almost 100 "types" of arthritis, simply suggesting you may have the early stages of arthritis is about as good to you as a mechanic telling you he thinks your car has a problem in the suspension or an electrician telling you you'll need to look at your wires. I cannot say anything about your doctor and maybe he/she has suggested more testing and you've simply not reached the same conclusion. However, you will need to know and understand the more specific cause of your discomfort if you are going to actually do anything to lessen the effects. If your problem is not related to the variation called osteoarthritis, then pain killers are sort of like taking a screwdriver to remove a nail. For instance, rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system problem and, like most variations on the larger scale of "arthritis", needs to be addressed specifically as your body attacking itself. Treating it only as your joints wearing out will only make matters worse in the long run and you may find yourself disabled if you aren't treating your problem early in its development. So I would very strongly suggest you obtain a real diagnosis and not just a guess by your GP. If you complain of pain to a general practioner, unless they have seen test results which give them more direction, they will only prescribe some generic pain killers to minimize the symptoms. If the pain meds do not also address inflamation, then you may be shooting over the head of the problem. If they are anti-inflammatory in nature, then they can bring with them side effects which are not acceptable to all patients. If you have a gerontologist in your area, you might consider setting up an appointment with someone more familiar with the problems we all face as we get older. To get you up and playing again, my best advice is to begin switching to open tunings. It may mean learning a few new fingerings for familiar chord shapes but they are typically using fewer fingers with shorter, more compact shapes. Learning either open D or open G will get you lots of room for playing in most keys by way of a capo. Open tunings will provide a unique sound to your playing that should complement the other instruments in your jam. Open tunings are often used in both bottleneck slide styles and lap style playing. You should not feel you are being forced into giving up your music, you should only understand you may need to make adjustments to your playing style. Even the best players reached a point where they began adjusting to their physical limitations brought on by age. If you want to play, there is a way to do so. Good luck. Get a real diagnosis.
  19. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    I wonder, if the doctors got a cut of the sales would they be more apt to match patients up with the ideal product?
  20. Deep River Blues

    I don't think they were themed Naked, probably just once in a blue moon some inebriated exhibitionist lost control with the feeling of freedom. Nice playing by the way.
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  22. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Tunnaamii, You have quite a maze of wires here. It's hard to see exactly what you have done here. Here is a video that can help you out in wiring the tone control. Mike
  23. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Hi guys, newbie on this forum. I've searched extensively, without success, for a solution. i bought a rocktile Jazz Bass kit (I know, not great quality, just wanted to see if I could do it) . The problem is there were no wiring instructions, I've managed to find instructions elsewhere on the net. But now I've found I have a "stray" single core wire soldered to the back of the tone pot, and I haven't a clue where to attach the other end. I've got an earth wire running from the back of the bridge pickup volume pot to the bridge, and I wonder if the stray wire might also be an earth, but attached to what? Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.
  24. What's are the best guitar brands?

    Best brand is whatever makes you happy, and whatever you can afford If Fender and Gibson is out of reach, theres plenty good imitations out there If high end acoustic is out of reach theres a multitude of very good budget ones
  25. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    Hello troops, long time inactive on here My woes continue Just when Ive almost forgotten about the tendonitis, now I have real issues with pain in my thumb Seemed to start occurring recently and has now been aggravated by my use of a 12 string acoustic of late Its a real bummer, and my doctor seems to think that its early stage arthritis The painkillers are just crap and I`m confined to rest again So frustrating, just as I`ve managed to find some like minded intermediate learners to jam with, this occurs Just have to hope I can get over it.
  26. To tell the truth, I'm a bit stunk out for not having been invited to those nude parties. I guess I wasn't in the in crowd.
  27. Deep River Blues

    Okay you can get away with not admitting to the naked partying due to the era of pre smart phones with cameras and video lol. My father worked in AECL for a short time and mentioned former US president Jimmy Carter was there shortly after the accident. (for the clean up) I don't recall ever being to Swisha but I heard if you could see over the top of the bar you could order a drink.
  28. Ha ha. The site for the Atomic Energy plant was chosen because the river can supply lots of clean cold water. Not sure about Deep River being upstream because of possible radiation leaks. Hadn't heard that. There was a leak there in 1958. My dad helped in the clean up efforts. I was born the year before so I can't blame radiation for how I turned out. The river forms the border between Quebec and Ontario. The party town was Les Rapides des Joachim (pronounced Swisha) 12 miles up river from Deep River and on the Quebec side. It was a town of about 200 but had three bars. I think twelve year olds could buy a beer at those bars. They'd know at least half an hour before the Quebec police could complete their journey to the Swisha. it is a gorgeous stretch of river from Les Rapides des Joachim to the town of Petawawa - about 25 miles or so. Completely pristine on the Quebec side and lots of sandy beaches. Great fishing, canoing, camping. And probably some nude partying as well but you didn't hear that from me. Oh. By the way, the song is an old Doc Watson song and has nothing to do with my home town except for the name. Kirk has a lesson for this song in G. My version is in E.
  29. Deep River Blues

    Deep River where the AECL Engineer's settled because it was up river from the plant. (think heavy water etc) Hey Doug can you confirm this? I was told the high school kids would party across the river on a sandy beach and stay the night. No neighbours over there, no roads, no law either = unpatrolled. (even rumours of running around naked) I know the below to be true. The Police Service that looks after the area are stationed in Campbell's Bay Quebec and that's an hour and 20 minutes away by road to Deep River (by leaving the Province of Quebec and driving in the Province of Ontario for about 50kms) It would have to be some sort of major crime before they would make that drive and then boat back into Quebec.
  30. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thank you! I still try my best.
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