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  2. Hi, I recently got my first 7-string guitar, and also am now looking to start sweep picking. One thing I'm looking into now is how to time my notes to a metronome so that I can work on getting my technique down and slowly raise the speed up over time. What I'm confused about is, say the initial 12th fret (or open) C major arpeggio sweeping pattern everyone uses starting out that utilizes 2 octaves. Now that I have my new Schecter C-7 Deluxe, I have yet another octave open to me below the original 2. This 7-string gives nine notes in the whole scale "box" and thus has me wondering how I should do things. It looks like I should have groupings of 3, and therefore should do things based off of that. Consequently, 4/4 time doesn't seem to fit, but 3/4 might not be right either. I know that it's whatever works for me, but in the end, I don't accurately see what is right for me yet, as I'm new to sweep picking and timing things.
  3. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Nice clean engine - must make your Mum proud!
  4. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    How'do Carol Sorry that last post was from a couple of days ago - i guess there was an issue uploading as it was saved in the reply box when I came to post an update just now I've had a wee bit of a result the difference in the backing track should be noticeable when compared to the first one I posted Backing track - never thought 1c.mp3 Add Bass Guitar - never thought 1b.mp3 the bass part needs redone and will probably change a bit here and there - I've been holding back from finalising the parts so as not to just be posting a finished article. I did already change the Guitar parts a wee bit ......not sure if it's for the better, you'll see what I mean when I add vocals this is with 2 Guitar tracks - however it's essentially 2 takes of the Rhythm Guitar track - the 2nd or Lead Guitar will (when added) Double up with the first Guitar mostly and add lead lines where required - and i'll remove one of the Rhythm Guitar tracks Add Guitar - never thought 1a.mp3 Paul
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    How'do Carol. the problem is with my laptop - the older one I used in the past has a bit of a virus and won't record playback via the souncard input - the newer laptop has no souncard input for playback recording. the issue with converting a file is - I record the output from my Boss during playback, i.e without mastering the tracks on the Boss to a stereo mix - they're all still separate tracks, this way I can post the backing track and then post the progress of each track being added - also I can add/remove/edit each track. i'd have to do a master mix to a stereo track to have a file to convert - but then i'd have to record the whole track again to add/edit etc.. storage space on my OLD Boss also adds to the issue (I gave the new Boss 8 track I had to my neice).....lol......it's fun.....i'll figure something out. and I hope you were not referring to my Good Girl as an "Old Clunker" Paul.
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  8. Need to Guide Learning Basic guitar

    My first response would be, find a good instructor and do not become a self taught student who lacks the knowledge to know what to learn next. Ignore the people who claim to have known how to play until an instructor messed them up. Structured learning, first laying a solid foundation and then building up from that foundation, works and most self taught students lack that basic structural foundation. Most self taught students do not know what a foundation in guitar is. Searching around rather than building upon wastes resources and time. A successful lesson plan is built upon giving the student more complex data, and more difficult material, after the student has shown proficiency with simpler material at every point along the path. Stopping and hitting pause for a while to make sure the student truly grasps a concept or a technique is common with this sort of plan. At that point, when the instructor is certain the student has the material under their belt, a good plan will provide higher levels of information which build upon what has been taught, and hopefully learned, in previous lessons. Most self taught students don't know what they don't know or what they really should know and they waste too much time chasing down things that are not structured in a lesson plan sense of not getting over your skis. A well structured lesson plan which looks forward and down the road keeps the student motivated and learning at the most successful rate for that student. A good to excellent instructor develops a relationship with the student and locates the keys to constantly motivating the student through the more frustrating passages of learning where the student's progress naturally slows with more difficult and more complex material. All the rest simply wastes valuable time. That said, finding a really good instructor is about as easy as finding a four leaf clover in the desert at midnight. Yet, students need and should have a more experienced instructor to watch them play and make corrections to the basics which many students on their own will not get right. If you learn your mechanics incorrectly, then you will develop habits which are more difficult to correct. If you are not put in the position where you are expected to produce or waste money, you will learn just what sort of student of guitar you will be. If you hated structured learning in school, what makes you think you can constantly motivate yourself to do the work required to really learn how to play an instrument? Saying you "play by ear" is a viable plan for only a very small % of students. More often than not it simply means you are not willing to put in the time and effort to buckle down and learn. The routine of an instructor seeing and hearing you play and then commenting on your performance is very important to newbies IMO. And, despite all that, I disagree with how most guitar instructors, face to face or on line, go about the basics of teaching someone how enjoy learning and playing the guitar. The tutorials on this site are quite informative. They may not tweak your whistle as every individual can require a certain type of instructor to talk to them in the specific words that mean the most to each individual student. But what you will find here is as good and as complete as any other on line guitar instruction I have come across and far better than most. No one is trying to be the "cool teacher" here who never really teaches, you get what you need in these lessons. No one is teaching in dribs and drabs that never really go anywhere here. You will, if you pay attention and do the hard work required, learn something here. If you want to try another on line instructor, I would suggest justinguitar.com Take the course from the beginning to the end and do not jump around or chase the next bright, shiny thing.
  9. Hi There! my name is Anthony, I am new guitar learner. my experience level 2 months. I am learning guitar from some website & read few posts on this forum. now I can buy a guitar Can anyone Suggest me what Guitar best for me right now? Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone, I am new Guitar learner. My Experience level 2 month. When I was first learning how to play guitar, I was terrible. Then I search on google, I got this site: mikesoca I think this site informative for me. I learn about key G chord from here. Can anyone tell me if this site is perfect for to learning basic Guitar? And anyone can give the more informative site to learn? please.
  11. Brand New Here

    Thank you very much!
  12. Melodies & Chords

    Just read my first response to the op and to this, "The mechanics of how to play melodies along with chords varies with how you strum the strings of your guitar. If you use a pick, you might play melody notes by not hitting certain strings, muting strings with your finger(s) or by dropping an unused fretting hand finger onto a string used in the chord shape", I would add, you may also play melody notes with chords by playing chord inversions. That would typically mean playing up the neck though, so not a technique for newbies in most cases.
  13. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hey Paul: I was keeping the faith...but did wonder if your old clunker had reclaimed you for a while [I also have an old-ish clunker, so no offense meant]. You always used to be able to transfer recordings from your Boss 8 to computer - what changed? What format is your Boss 8 recording's file? There are apps that convert file types to mp3: Handbrake is one I've used, and Switch is another I've used. Would it help if you sent me the Boss 8 recording and I tried to convert it to mp3 - I'm not a geek so if all this is rubbish, please ignore.
  14. Rookie

    I love playing and singing All Along The Watchtower, it feels like I'm able to play it well
  15. Brand New Here

    Jeremy, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  16. Brand New Here

    Great to meet you all! I'm Jeremy, a guitarist here in the Austin, TX area. I have been playing guitar for about 14 years now, and I love sharing all the knowledge I have with people who are looking to become very advanced on guitar!
  17. Melodies & Chords

    I'm kind of late to this, but I found "Ode to Joy" is a great little piece to start learning how to play chords and melodies at the same time. The chords are just C, F, and G, but playing the melody on top of those chords makes it much trickier. This is something that I teach students who already have basic fundamentals down.
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    I've not forgotten this one - i'm still a bit stuck as far as transferring a mix to mp3 - the USB port on my old Boss is for file backup only....... I do have a rough idea recorded - Guitars, bass, vocals I just remembered I have a really old PC tower.....I should be able to hook that back up and hopefully I can do a line-in recording Paul.
  19. Hello! Have you got influences to your compositional work from movies, pictures, poems, books etc.? I was just watching a documentary about parallel universes from Netflix and straight after it made little solo with the mood of the documentary in mind. I have used to compose with imaginary pictures but this was new to me. Kindest, Mikko Here is the video:
  20. Hello.

    KD, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  21. Blues Scale

    Hi All, Is there a major and a minor blues scale? We have a major and minor pentatonic scale? Thanks
  22. Hi!

    Namoshkar Larry Babu. Greetings.
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    Greetings! 😀
  24. Hello.

    Welcome KD, rock on!
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  26. Rookie

    Hi Rookie. You can't be any rookier than me 😉 And I've owned acoustic guitars for 2 decades... I'm interested in making new friends and contributing to their musical endeavours and using their insights and love to enrich my life and music. Cheers.
  27. Jackie

    Greetings, Jackie, and everyone.
  28. Hello.

    Hi World! I've owned acoustic guitars for about 20 years, but played for only 4 years! I'm in my 30s and regret wasting so much of my life griping about action and what not instead of seeking out friends and teachers on YouTube and in the real world and pursuing my tastes in music and attempting to play them myself. I love pop, rock, metal, classical, fusion, folk and very little of techno, blues and jazz. I dream of playing acoustic metal on my newly acquired Yamaha F310NT someday. And I also dream of playing Closer and Cheap Thrills like James Bartholomew and Peter Gergely. I also love the Jake Lonergan theme in Cowboys and Aliens. There's no end to the number of pieces of music I love! 😀 I currently reside in New Delhi. I'm male, and a bit of a loner. I hope some of you will reach out to me and that we end up contributing to each other's musical journey. Sincerely, KD
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