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  1. Yesterday
  2. Midnight Clear

    Its from a few years ago. I would have to run through it many times to play it well now.
  3. Silent Night

    Thanks. I try.
  4. Midnight Clear

    Keith, is this a new recording? So smoothly played.
  5. If you don't have Guitar Pro, download TUX. com it will play guitar pro files for free
  6. Silent Night

    Life is about emotion, love in ones heart. That was felt in your playing.
  7. Last week
  8. Midnight Clear

    Thank you!
  9. Midnight Clear

    Rocketbob, Another good one!! Mike
  10. I have seen that you charge close to $5 for tablature PDFs. Is there a way to have a better deal? Subscription, Sets, etc.?
  11. Where do you find the Guitar Pro files? I have seen many lessons and can't find a link to the GP files.
  12. Christmas music. This is my arrangement of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear." I played it in DADGAD tuning. Merry Christmas http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/Midnight Clear_newmaster1.mp3
  13. Silent Night

    Not being a religious person I find religious lyrics to be strange enough.
  14. Silent Night

    Very nice, Keith. "The words are a little weird." Brings to mind the alternate lyrics we used for lots of Christmas carols as a kid. For example, We three kings of orient are, tried to smoke a rubber cigar, it was loaded and it exploded... etc. There was a really nasty one for the little drummer boy which I won't repeat here. Except that the last line of the chorus was "rum-tum-tum, on his bum" ;-)
  15. A tribute to the late George Michael

    Mark, I really like you style of playing. Mike
  16. Improvisation can touch every part of playing

    Thank you! I think so too. It's interesting how differently one can play with same amount of skills and knowledge but in different state of mind and etc. This tells me that robots will not replace us as a musicians.
  17. A tribute to the late George Michael

    A true poet. Pleased to have assisted
  18. Hi from east midlands UK

    Welcome chrisxr2
  19. Improvisation can touch every part of playing

    Awesome sound, it really is a piece of art. For me, improvizing means to create music on the go and in sync with your current emotional state.
  20. Two questions on tabs

    I always play with a flatpick. I use what is called hybrid style.
  21. Silent Night

    Thanks. I can't hear so emotion is all that's left.
  22. Wicked fusion guitar in Instagram collaboration

    Thank you! The backing track and drums were made by Hi! Thank you for answer! Backing track and drums were made by Rosalvo Melo and i made my part with Garageband.
  23. Hi from east midlands UK

    chrisxr2, Welcome to the forum! Mike
  24. Hi from east midlands UK

    Hello all, I am from the east midlands in the UK, been playing a few months and making progress but its like wading through treacle thought i would seek advice from some other relative beginners.
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