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    • fifa, Nice one, good job!! Mike
    • Mark, Very good!! Mike
    • The better guitar is the one that feels and sounds better to you.  Solid top guitars usually sound better than laminates, but this is not always true.  A solid top might mature and produce a warmer, fuller sound with age, or it might not change at all, but don't buy a guitar for what it might sound like in the future.  Some don't change much and some seem to change a lot.  The tone of a guitar is a very subjective matter.  Solid woods are much more susceptible to cracks than laminates.  I still recommend, in most cases, solid woods, but you need to use a little extra care with solid woods.  Laminates are hard to crack. So, although there are some objective features, like how well the action is set and if the neck is straight, a lot of "better" is very subjective.  Most new guitars need a setup.  If the neck is straight and at the right angle, any guitar can be made to play well.  Even the 1 Martin guitar I bought new needed the action lowered, but Martin ships a little high because your climate, choice of string gauges, and playing style will change the setup.  Its easier to lower the action than to raise it.
    • tomi, The only advice I can give you is to buy the one that says "take me home". I have a Yamaha 12 string and a Taylor acoustic. Both sound great and play great. The Taylor cost about 20 times more than the Yamaha. Price is not always the only factor. Your choice should be based on the best quality you can buy within your budget and buy the guitar that asks you to take it home. Mike
    • Thank you all for the replies. Yes, I can try these out, as a matter of fact, I just went and did today. Both of these guitars feel and sound very good to me, although I don't really have reference to compare them to. As I was in the store I discovered another solid top guitar, that fits my budget, it's the Ibanez AW70 Artwood. Do you guys think is it better than the other two?
      Some of it's specs:
      Solid Sitka Spruce top
      Sapele back and sides
      25.5" scale length
      1.69" nut
      Ibanez Ivorex II nut and saddle material. Thanks.
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