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How to play Slide Guitar in Standard/Dropped D Tunings DVD

How to play Slide Guitar in Standard/Dropped D Tunings DVD

How to play Slide Guitar in Standard/Dropped D Tunings DVD
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My name is Kirk Lorange and I've been earning my living playing guitar since I was 18. I fell in love with slide guitar not long after that and after experimenting for years with the traditional open tunings -- I tried the all -- I reverted to good old Standard or sometimes Dropped D, just the bass string down a tone. I know the layout of my fretboard in standard tuning well and I like to know exactly what I'm playing at all times. I was also very happy to discover that all flavors (major, major7, minor, minor7, 9th, 11th, dim, aug, sus4 ...) can either be played outright or strongly alluded to in standard tuning.

Playing in standard tuning makes it very easy to blend your normal playing and slide into one very spicy hybrid style. It surely is the most fun and free way of making music on these wonderful instruments. You can check out my slide playing on YouTube

Now also comes with two bonus Slide Guitar lessons - Amazing Grace and Been Had Blues Slide Lessons. (Bonus lessons are available as immediate downloads after purchase)
Click on play buttons below to hear the Mp3s of the bonus lessons.
Amazing Grace - Slide Lesson

Been Had Blues - Slide Lesson

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May 20, 2013
My wife got me a resonator for Christmas a few years back because she found out I had been messing around with one at the local music store. Once I had it, I realized that I really didn't have a good idea of how to play it. I surfed the web and came across Kirk playing slide on youtube and was impressed. I saw this particular package but after a little research I decided to try Planetalk first and I was so pleased with it that I then bought his slide package. I found this to be an excellent addition to Planetalk because it expanded my understanding of the fretboard by showing relationships between different chords. I would also highly recommend his brass slide, its heavy which makes it easier to play and it sounds great too.
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