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  Guitar for Beginners and Beyond

Kirk Lorange Guitar for Beginners and Beyond is run by two people: me — I'm Kirk Lorange — and my partner, Clancy Mullins. She is the brains behind the actual running of the site; I create the lessons and write the content.

That's it!

We work from our home at Tamborine Mountain, which is about 20 miles inland from the Gold Coast in Australia. We each have an office and, somehow, we manage to keep it all humming along, maintain our other sites, play gigs, run the household, mail out PlaneTalk packages and bring up our beautiful daughter Georgia, who was born late 2007.

I registered the domain name GuitarForBeginners.com in 2000. I had already started marketing my book/DVD package 'PlaneTalk' on the Internet and was amazed one day, while searching through domain names for ways of improving traffic, to find that the name was still available. I snapped it up quick smart. I created some free content describing, in my own plain English way, how music works and how it applies to the guitar. A couple of years later, I added a discussion forum and slowly built up a small membership of 300 or so. I also, from time to time, create websites, for example the one put together for my brother Gerry L'Orange (he put the apostrophe back in our last name), a very talented and sought after graphic designer in Montreal.

ClancyMullinsClancy, who had been involved with online affiliate marketing, offered to take over the running of the forum in 2004. She turned it into what it is today: a community of over 120,000 members. She has taught herself all the skills required to keep a site of this size running smoothly. She is the administrator, the coder, the maintenance crew, the graphic artist and the troubleshooter.

I create all the content for the site, shoot the movies, sit in my office and play the guitar waiting for a suitable piece to materialize from the ether to turn into a lesson. I'm the composer, player, cinematographer, film editor, sound engineer, graphic designer, writer and webmaster of the content section of the site.

Both the content section of the site and the forum have been updated and reworked at least a dozen times since I first published GfB&B, and it will continue to evolve so long as we have members here and we can pay the bills. Thank you, fellow guitarist, for being part of it.

You can learn more about my music career at KirkLorange.com

And, finally, a special thanks to eddiez152 for all the support and friendship he has given over the years.

Kirk Lorange — January, 2015


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