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Sixteen Twenty Five - A Fingerpicking Lesson - The Extended Version.
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate-Advanced
Lesson by: Kirk Lorange


This is the extended version of the lesson I did a while back. I wrote the short version, put the lesson together, and found myself playing it over and over and coming up with other parts for it, eventually winding up with this arrangement.

Here is the short version ... read the commentary there for a bit of an insight on the theory and execution.

This one really is a lot of fun to play once you get it down. Those open strings that keep popping into play keep a wonderful ringing going on throughout and are very good for disciplining those picking fingers. They tend to rebel at first as it's unusual to move to a lower note on a higher string. The more you do it, of course, the more independence they will acquire, which is always a good thing. :yes:

Please note I didn't do the animated fretboard for those of you who have GuitarPro, the GuitarPro file below will give you the GP animated fretboard.

Here is the video of the self duet I put up at YouTube. It'll give you an idea of the melodic possibilities for the progression.

Notation 1 | Notation 2 | Notation 3 | Notation 4 | GuitarPro File