Love - A Simple Accompaniment

Here is the lesson of John Lennon's 'Love' that I promised to do. I didn't do a movie for it as it's pretty straight forward.

The tablature show quite clearly that the whole piece uses the same pattern: one bass note followed by three strums. I use my thumb for the bass notes and the back of my middle finger for the strums. If you prefer, you can use a flat pick for everything.

The chord diagrams above the tab show the chord shape to hold down. Apart from the C#7, the alternating bass notes are simply part of the chord shape, so no moving around need take place. When you play the C#7, just move the ring finger down to that bass string note (G#).

Even though the whole chord is shown and held down, you only need to play the top strings for the little strum, as in the original. You can play the whole chord, but it starts to sound too thick. Just playing the top strings (the thin strings) keeps it light and floating. You'll need to mute the treble E string with your left hand index finger to keep it from ringing out, as that note (E) is not in the chord)

There are a couple of barre chords in amongst it all, so this will be good practice for them. If you listen to John's version, you'll hear that he was also a bit of a novice at barre chords, so don't feel too bad if you have a few problems. Have fun with it!

Listen to a midi >>

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