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Bluesy Finger-Style Lessons

To hear the audio of the lessons included, simply click on the play buttons next to the lesson titles.

  Sitting on Top of the World (intermediate-advanced)
  Sweet Home Chicago (intermediate-advanced)
  Windy Wednesday (chord progression from Stormy Monday) (intermediate-adv)
  Bluellaby (intermediate-advanced)
  Daydream Blues (intermediate)
  Double Stop Blues (intermediate)
  FunkE Acoustic (intermediate-advanced)
  House of the Rising Sun (Part 1) (Beginner- intermediate)
  House of the Rising Sun (Part 2) (Beginner- intermediate)
  House of the Rising Sun (Part 3) (Beginner- intermediate)
  Los Blues (intermediate)
  New Years Blues (intermediate-advanced)
  Rainy Day Blues (intermediate-advanced)
  Slinky A Minor (intermediate-advanced)
  Tiptoe through the Blues - part 1 (beginner-intermediate)
  Tiptoe through the Blues - part 2 (beginner-intermediate)
  12 Bar Blues (Lesson 1) (intermediate)
  12 Bar Blues (Lesson 2) (intermediate)
  12 Bar Blues (Lesson 3) (intermediate)
  The Red Strat Blues ! BONUS LESSON ! (advanced)
  Been Had Blues (intermediate-advanced slide guitar lesson)

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What's included?
20 Bluesy fingerstyle guitar lessons, each with a video with the virtual animated fretboard, TAB, Notation, Full and Half speed Midi Files, a mp3 file and GuitarPro file.
Now also comes with "The Red Strat Blues" as a bonus lesson.

Sample Lesson
To view a full sample lesson, click here.

Multi-Platform Compatible
The video player we use is multi-platform compatible and can be viewed on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices including the iPad. Videos can also be viewed on your Apple TV.

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Login from any computer or tablet device and you will be able to view the lessons you have bought wherever you go. You are not restricted to viewing them on a single device.

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Only $29.95 for Lifetime Access!
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