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Guitar for Beginners and Beyond Newsletter, Issue 86  
Guitar for Beginners and Beyond    

Slash Chord Triads - Free Lesson of the Week

This is a lesson I did a while back, well worth checking out again as I've now made it a free lesson. Triads are very important to know about, especially on guitar, and slash chords are often misunderstood. This lesson explains both and will also teach you a nice piece of music and a very handy plucking technique. All in all, a valuable guitar lesson indeed.

Slash Chord Triads

The Bluesy Lesson Collection.

We had an amazing response to my new Bluesy Style Lesson Collection that I announced in last week's newsletter. Seems that there's many of you that love playing the blues! If you love the blues, this new lesson collection might be perfect for you. There's 18 finger style lessons included (and I've even included one bonus slide lesson too for anyone wanting to delve into that). This lesson collection is only $24.95 for Lifetime access and is viewable on Personal Computers and mobile devices including the iPad.

The Bluesy Lessons included are:
12 Bar Blues (Lesson 1)
12 Bar Blues (Lesson 2)
12 Bar Blues (Lesson 3)
Been Had Blues (slide lesson)
Daydream Blues
Double Stop Blues
FunkE Acoustic
House of the Rising Sun (1)
House of the Rising Sun (2)
House of the Rising Sun (3)
Los Blues
New Year's Blues (Master Lesson)
Rainy Day Blues
Slinky A Minor
Sweet Home Chicago
Tiptoe Through the Blues
Windy Wednesday (chord progression from Stormy Monday).


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